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Car Hub Japan
The First Preference of
Buyers Worldwide

High quality, fully inspected cars & quick shipping has made
us a trusted name in the auto trading industry.
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Hassle Free
Delivery of Vehicles
Around the World

Fast and secured delivery of vehicles made available
to all ports worldwide.
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Ensuring Delivery of
Quality Vehicles
the Globe

Through our strict Quality Assurance procedures we make
sure that you get the best quality vehicles.
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Best Quality
Used Japanese Cars
at Unbeatable Prices

A wide range of models and makes offered to our
customers globally at affordable rates.
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Buy the best quality used vehicles at lowest possible prices from the best Auction Houses in Japan.

About Car Hub Japan

Car Hub Japan is a leading and the most trusted name in the field of automobile trading industry. We are best known for providing quality vehicle inspection via thorough examination of every vehicle that is booked from our end. A few other aspects that set us apart from other vehicle trading companies are as follows:

  • Regularly Updated Stock

    Over 140,000 vehicles are listed every week for clients to choose their desired vehicle from Car Hub Japan.

  • 100% Inspected Vehicles

    We provide 100% inspected vehicles, certified by various inspection bodies, so that once they reach you, they are ready to hit the road.

  • Lowest Prices

    Car Hub Japan offers the lowest price guarantee to our customers in order to help them book their dream vehicle at the best possible rates.

  • Translated Auction Sheet

    Translated Auction Sheets make it easier for you to understand the condition of your desired vehicle and check all of it's specifications.

  • Fast & Safe Delivery

    Through our association with the best shipping companies, we make sure that your vehicle is delivered safely and on-time.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Our 24x7 customer support ensures that all kinds of queries made by our clients are answered as soon as possible.

Customer Testimonials 153 Reviews

Here is my 2006 Suzuki Escudo which I ordered from Car Hub Japan. As you can see, it looks really good. I am 100% satisfied with everything I got. Honestly, no complaints. Everything in exterior is A1. Nothing to complain about. Thanks a lot.

Dwyte Maximin
Saint Lucia

Suzuki Escudo

Posted on: 8/5/2017

Ladies and Gentleman! This is my Nissan Clipper which I had ordered from car Hub Japan from Jerry who is the agent and I must say that this vehicle has met my expectations and I must say congratulations to Jerry my agent and CHJ for delivering a vehicle which has met my expectations and I am one happy customer. Thank You very much.

Dexter Wyles

Nissan Clipper Van

Posted on: 17/4/2017

My 2013 Honda Accord Hybrid courtesy of Car Hub Japan. Thank You Car Hub Japan for providing me an excellent car.


Honda Accord

Posted on: 22/02/2018

I received my Toyota Allion 2010 within 35 days. The car is in great condition. Thank you for the excellent service. Will recommend Car Hub Japan to my friends.

Raulston Dowlin

Toyota Allion

Posted on: 30/07/2018

Good day! We love the car! It is economical and in excellent condition.. thanks for the mats too.

Carla Lisa Wilson

Nissan Note

Posted on: 17/4/2017

Excited to inform that I recently got my car. It's lovely, smooth and great. Thank you so much. My daughter and I are so happy about it. Definitely going to recommend you to others in my networks and family.

Daniel James
New Zealand

Toyota Prius

Posted on: 20/January/17

Constant communication, great support, and friendly team… Car Hub Japan has everything one could ask for when buying a vehicle. The whole staff has all the information I needed to come up with the right car.

Samuel Kinuthia

Toyota Auris

Posted on: 23/March/17

A friend referred Car Hub Japan to me for buying a car to drive to university. Their services were better than what expected. All I had to do was order my car and let them take care of all the rest.

Johnathan Taylor

Toyota Passo

Posted on: 02/January/18

No other auctioned car provider can match up their quality and class. The people were well-informed and professional. Thanks for the extra help you provided me with. Much appreciated. I am looking forward to working with you again in near future.

Salman Hassan

Mazda Demio

Posted on: 25/May/17

Last year I was planning to buy my new car and ran into Car Hub Japan. The delivery was quick, communication was smooth and the vehicle (besides being used) was too smooth. One of the best cars I have laid hands on. Thanks!

Faraz Ahmed

Toyota Aqua

Posted on: 09/September/17

I wanted a car for my personal use with a large trunk capacity and efficient fuel consumption. My agent from Car Hub Japan recommended me this car. Works like a charm. I am very satisfied.

Solomon David

Toyota Vitz

Posted on: 13/November/17

Car Hub Japan has the best services in the used car industry. The agents are helpful and their service provides complete documents as well which is a plus and makes things easier for their customers.

Morgan Edward

Toyota Premio

Posted on:22/02/2018

Thanks to the agents of Car Hub Japan for doing a brilliant job in finding the right car for me and my family. We enjoy the ride a lot. The car is in good condition and need no maintenance.

Chris Aung

Suzuki Every

Posted on:22/02/2018

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