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Overview of Services, Registration, Auction, and Shipping

Car Hub Japan facilitates its clients with a comprehensive Auction system, which allows them to connect and buy cars at affordable prices and convenient procedures. With Car Hub Japan, you will be able to search from leading cars in inventory available at auction regularly. Buying cars has never been easy and our team of experts are present round the clock to support you at every step so that your online purchasing experience becomes a pleasant experience.

  • Services

    Car Hub Japan provides the best used car selling services with feasible auction, inspection, shipping, and delivery services across the globe.

  • Registration

    Get auction site’s address and ID/Pass from us in order to proceed further with the registration/auction process for the vehicle you want.

  • Security Deposit

    A security deposit will be required in order to confirm the booking of your car and to proceed with the auction and payment procedure.

  • Bidding

    Clients will need to send Car Hub Japan a deposit in order to initiate the process of bidding for their desired car that has been booked.

  • Auction Schedule

    We provide our clients with weekly auction schedule so that they are able to book their desired car and have it shipped in no time.

  • Auction Result

    We will send you an order form, following confirmation of your deposit after our agents have notified you about the result of your bid.

  • Freight

    The total cost, which will incur to ship your desired vehicle in your country. Yet, the total cost may vary in different regions as per the rules.

  • Final Payment

    We will bid for your desired vehicle on your behalf at the auction. The payment if delivered as prevents cancellation of your booked car.

  • Documents

    We will send confirmation of the vehicle with total price. We will send you the necessary documents once the ship has left the loading port.

An Insight at Our Service

Car Hub Japan is committed to facilitate its clients at all ends until the time their car is shipped and delivered. We check the rule and regulations of your country along with the details of your requested car. Our team of experts can also check and translate auction sheets for you so that it becomes easier to purchase a car online.

  • Car Hub Japan can check and translate the auction sheets for the feasibility of its clients to provide broader range of options

  • We can also check laws and regulations of your country, engine size, year of registration, and year of manufacture.

  • Car Hub Japan does not provide vehicles with technical issues and non-running cars to its cllients for maximum satisfaction.

  • Deadline for auction is midnight prior to the auction date. We advise you all to keep these things in mind.

Important Notice

All the bids which includes additional bids must be placed 1 day most before the bidding starts

The bid price cannot be lowered one hour prior starting time

All the bids have to be submitted before 18:00 JST.

The bid price is the maximum price. However, it can exceed by ¥10,000 if needed.

Cancellation, change of price and other such reports will only be accepted in auction system.

Get Registered With Car Hub Japan

We will notify you of the result of your bid. Once you win the bid, we will send you a proforma invoice that tells you the total price including the price of car(s) and FOB or C&F. The total price will be calculated based on the original buying price at the auction.

Please Create New Account

Personal Details

Phone Number

Security Deposit for Car Hub Japan

You need to deposit the predetermined amount of money before you participate in auctions. (See below).

If you cannot make a successful bid, security deposit will be fully refunded or allocated to the payment for reserved/ordered car(s) based on the customer's request.

Deposit Amount
Buying Budget
2000% of deposit
Deposit Amount
Limit of
A $10,000 $200,000 ¥1,000,000 No Limit
B $5,000 $100,000 ¥500,000 10 Units
C $3,000 $60,000 ¥300,000 4 Units
D $2,000 $40,000 ¥200,000 3 Units
E $1,000 $20,000 ¥100,000 1 Unit

Bidding Cars at the Auction

You can place the bid at our auction websites, and our buyers will bid on the car in place of you.

We will charge you only the price of the successful bid. So try to place as high bid as you can in order to increase the chance of successful bid.

Weekly Auction at Car Hub Japan

Car Hub Japan keeps its customers updated with the weekly auction schedule so that they are able to book their desired car. The weekly auction schedule update of different auction houses indicates our commitment to provide the best services in the market.


Stay Posted With Your Auction Results

We will notify you of the result of your bid. Once you win the bid, we will send you a proforma invoice that tells you the total price including the price of car(s) and FOB or C&F. The total price will be calculated based on the original buying price at the auction.

Crystal-Clear Freight Details

Car Hub Japan is committed to provide clarity of the cost, which incurs in order to ship your desired car to your country. We want our clients to be updated about the alterations in costs but they are subject to vary in different countries due to rules and regulations.

C&F Price

Cost and Freight (C&F) includes the buying price, freight, and service charges

Payment Method and Bank Charges

Clients can proceed with payments via telegraphic transfer from their bank. All bank charges are to be paid by the sender. It is imperative to ensure that the payment must be done in Japanese Yen/ US Dollar. The invoice and stock number must be put forward in the remarks column. The copy of confirmation has to be sent by Email:

The complete payment is decided based on mutual agreement for the car to be shipped. The shipment will not commence until the payment is confirmed. For more details, read Terms & Conditions or contact us at

Payment Terms

AMOUNT Payment breakdown percentage will vary country to country.
DUE DATE Payment has to be made within a week to save order from cancellation
  • Once there has been a successful bid, Car Hub Japan will issue your invoice on the next working day

Service Charge Includes:

  • Local Transport Fee
  • Auction Fee
  • Shipping Cost
  • Other costs (except for the inspection fee)
OTHER CHARGES Jevic Inspection Jaai Inspection $200
Insurance $30 - $80
Additional Auction Fee $50

Note: Additional Auction fee is needed in specific auctions because of their remote locations.

ADDITIONAL AUCTION FEE is required only at certain auctions due to their remote locations. Refer to this table for a list of auctions to which this fee applies.

Paperwork According to Your Convenience

After the ship is loaded on the port, all the necessary documents will be shipped to you via a courier service. The documents include

  • Export Certificate
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Final Invoice
  • Marine Insurance (if required)

Note: There are no extra or hidden charges other than C&F or CIF charges.

Payment Method & Bank Charges

You can make payment by telegraphic transfer from your bank. All bank charges must be paid by the sender. Please ensure that payment must be made in US Dollar / Japanese Yen, and set forth your Invoice & stock number in the remarks column. As soon as you make payment, please, send us a copy of the confirmation of payment by

Email: or Fax +81 3-6740-2364.

Full payment decided based on the mutual agreement must be made for us to ship your car(s). We will not start to arrange the shipping unless the payment is confirmed. For further information about shipping and payment, please read our Terms & Conditions or contact at

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