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  • How can I purchase a car from auction?

    Once you let us know the details of your desired car, you will be asked to pay the initial deposit. Once the payment is received, our team will start searching for the vehicle that matches your requested specifications. Once you approve the vehicle we will bid and win the car for you.

  • Who is responsible for the export and shipment of my car?

    Car Hub Japan is responsible for the export and shipping processes of your vehicle from Japan to the port of destination. Transportation costs will be confirmed depending upon the country and shipping modes.

  • How is the quality of the car confirmed?

    Our experts inspect the car thoroughly to ensure the quality of the car. Recent photos of the vehicles are also shared with the customer to satisfy them. Moreover, our expert agents are available to guide the customers about the condition of the car before and after the purchase.

  • Are the vehicles inspected by the buying team before the bid?

    Yes, for increased customer satisfaction Car Hub Japan makes sure that the buying team inspects the vehicle before it is set out for bidding.

  • When will my car be shipped?

    Your car is sent for shipment as soon as you make the first payment based on the payment terms decided earlier.

  • When are documents shipped?

    We send the documents via courier services as soon as the car is shipped. The shipment duration of documents is decided by the courier services which are then communicated to the customer.

  • Which documents are shipped?

    Following documents are sent to the customer:

    • 1. Export Certificate
    • 2. Bill Of Lading
    • 3. Final Invoice
    • 4. Marine Insurance (if required)
  • Are the customers informed about the shipment process?

    Yes, Car Hub Japan always keep its customers informed and updated about the shipment of vehicle and dispatching of documents.

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