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Import Regulations for Used Cars from Japan to Fiji

  • Inspection
  • Age Limit
    5 Years for petrol & diesel vehicles. 8 years for CNG, solar, electric & hybrid
  • Steering Type
    Right Hand Drive (RHD)

Important Documents:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • De-registration Certificate
  • Bill of Lading
  • Passport
  • Odometer Reading at time of sale and import
  • Invoice showing freight export and insurance costs
  • Clearance of Agriculture
  • $7 will be charged for each trip made by an unregistered vehicle to the owner's residence, office, yard etc

Restriction On Import Of Vehicles In Fiji

  • Only 2 vehicles per person each year is permitted (special permissions can be granted by the customs department of Fiji)

Custom Requirements of Fiji

  • Duty Rates

    The custom duty on used cars is 32% of the C&F price + an excise duty of 15%

    The custom duty on used cars with engine size ranging from 2500cc to 3000cc are charged $7,500 per unit

    The custom duty on used cars with the engine size ranging more than 3000cc are charged $20,000 per unit

  • VAT

    15% of C&F

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