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Shipping used Japanese Cars with ease to Georgia

Car Hub Japan’s years of experience, sound insights and valuable expertise ensure the most seamless and trouble-free car delivery solutions to customers. Once you have purchased your Japanese used car from us, we will get it delivered to your country in the least possible time. Since we offer shipment services to customers across the globe, our high-quality shipping services can be availed regardless of the part of the world you reside in.

Moreover, we have knowledgeable customer service agents to advise you regarding the rules, efficient shipment procedures, the prices and carriers. Car Hub Japan understands how important it is to have clear communication, especially while shipping high-value cars. Thereby, we will stay by your side till your car is delivered to your country safely and keep you updated with the shipment status while your vehicle is in transit.

Ports in Georgia

Shipping Timeline

Following is the complete process of shipping a vehicle to Georgia:

Shipment Options

RORO method is considered as one of the most secure and affordable means of shipping. We drive the vehicles to the RORO vessel and secure it to the auto decks. Your vehicle stays protected from damages that might occur during shipment inside the vessel. RORO shipments are carried on specialized vessels, which have built-in ramps along with weatherproof and watertight zones, ensuring maximum protection for your vehicle.

Being a secure and extended means of shipment in contrast to RORO method, the container shipping is ideal for high-priced, luxury cars. We’ll assign our professional team and a streamlined system to handle your shipment. In this method, your car will be loaded into a safe, shipping container and secured with straps to keep it from moving during transport. Container shipment secures your car from wind or water damage.


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