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Ensuring Certified Cars for Kenya

To maintain its reputation, Car Hub Japan provides used Japanese vehicles that are certified and inspected by known inspection agencies, recommended by the regulating authorities of the importing country. These inspection agencies fully inspect the vehicle before shipment and grant it with the certificate ensuring the quality of the vehicle.

For Kenya QISJ certification is required by the regulatory authorities of the country.

QISJ Certification

QISJ (Quality Inspection Services Japan) is the leading vehicle inspection company, with its headquarters located in Japan. QISJ has expanded over the years, and is now present in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Africa and, the United Kingdom. QISJ inspection operations are maintained by hi-tech inspection equipment and a custom-built vehicle management system that raises the standards of road safety while increasing efficiency.

Inspection and Certification procedure includes more than 150 point safety checks, carried out by inspection specialists. The inspection specialists prepare a detailed inspection report and offer certification as per the standards, the vehicle is marked as qualified.

Vehicle inspections at QISJ include:

  • Verification of Conformity to standards
  • Document verification and authentication
  • Radiation inspection
  • Bio security inspection
  • Vehicle history check
  • Odometer verification

Any vehicle that meets the requirement of the inspection as stated above will get the certification. Inspection certification is a mandatory requirement for clearance of the vehicle in Kenya. Or else, a penalty must be paid on port.

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