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Duty Calculator For Kenya

Car Hub Japan provides its Kenyan clients the facility of duty calculator so that they are able to determine the import cost of the vehicle in their country. Most countries have import duties on several good including automobiles, making it difficult to comprehend the exact price of the vehicle.

However, we realize the difficulty experience by our valued clients and aim to offer them the best services at all ends. Clients in Kenya can now use the duty calculator by simply inserting the vehicle details and find out the duty incurring on their desired car. Car Hub Japan wants customers to have the feasibility for ordering a vehicle. We aim to leave nothing ambiguous when dealing with our valued customers, which is why we have the duty calculator for every region where import duties are applied.

Duty Calculator

Kenya Revenue Authority Motor vehicle Import Duty Summary

Calculate Custom Duty

The duty calculator only provides an approximate of the expected additional costs related custom duty in Kenya. Moreover, actual cost may be higher or lower than the calculated cost.

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