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Import Regulations for Used Cars from Japan to Philippines

  • Inspection
    No inspection for private vehicles but commercial vehicles require pre-shipment inspection
  • Age Limit
    No age restriction

Important Documents:

  • Proof of ownership/original registration
  • Certificate of arrival
  • Original Bill of sale
  • Surety bond
  • Original Passport
  • Engine number/stencils of chassis
  • Other documents required depending on immigrant’s status
  • Commercial invoice or deed of sale
  • Import Authority Permit released by the Philippines Bureau of Import Services

Custom Requirements of Philippines

  • Duty Rates:

    For vehicles having the seating capacity of 9 people or less: 30%

    For vehicles having the seating capacity of 10 people or more: 20

  • VAT:

    12% of Invoice Value

  • Ad Valorem Tax:

    The Ad Valorem Tax is applicable on used vehicles

  • Import Processing Fee:

    250 PHP to 1000 PHP

  • Documentary Stamp Fee

    265 PHP

  • Container Security Fee:

    5 USD (20 footer)

    10 USD (40 footer)

  • Certificate of Payment Fee:

    100 PHP

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