Car Hub Japan

Quality Control

Our quality inspection team ensures that every
car is error free before it hits the road

Quality Control and Assurance

It is our top most priority to guarantee that there are no such risks associated for clients who buy used Japanese cars through Car Hub Japan. We ensure that our clients receive what has been promised to them with respect to quality, shipment procedure as well as payment processes. This is done through a comprehensive designed system with involvement of our certified inspectors who ensures that every car is up to the mark claimed by the seller.

Our Inspection Process Steps:

  • Selecting Best Used Cars

    Car Hub Japan starts off from searching best cars at auction houses and examines each and every vehicle. Our experienced workforce assess mileage, exterior, and mechanical condition prior bidding. We are committed to check every vehicle on your behalf so that the best is delivered to you.

  • Pre-Inspection

    After the cars have been delivered to the yard, they are subject to pre-inspection center for a comprehensive assessment by our technical workforce prior registration and later updates as our inventory. The inspection reports, regarding the condition of each vehicle is shared on inventory data base so that the actual condition of the cars can be assessed instantly.

  • Engine/Chassis Cleaning

    A thorough assessment is conducted after the vehicles reach the workshop and servicing, maintenance and repairs are done if needed. The primary step is to wash the entire body, engine bay as well as beneath the chassis with a steam cleaner to ensure that there are no defects in every single unit.

  • Maintenance Strategy

    Once all the devices and mechanical operations have been checked, the sales and technical workforce focus towards a maintenance plan. If there are extra services being requested by clients, they will be communicated hereon. At this point, your sales staff takes the role of an interpreter between clients and the technical team to regulate the guideline of completing the assessment of the car.

  • Initial reconditioning work

    Car Hub Japan’s inventory is mostly in good condition and any defects found are repaired by seasoned mechanics to provide a comprehensive good vehicle to customers. These services comprises changing of lubricants, engine oil, greasing up, drive shaft boots, brake fluids, and tires and battery.

  • Panel beating and painting

    In case if repair is needed on the body of the vehicle, Car Hub Japan conducts panel beating and painting at a paint shop. These services include color mixing, surface treatment, body work, spraying and polishing.

  • Final Touches

    The final touches on the vehicle for ensuring top-notch quality and condition of the vehicle includes anti-corrosion coating on components of engine as well as chassis for protection. Car Hub Japan also focuses on the interior as the dashboard and interior is cleaned with wax so that we maintain our promise and commitment for providing top-notch quality cars to clients across the globe.

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