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Import Regulations for Used Cars from Japan to South Africa

Import Regulations

To import a foreign registered vehicle into South Africa you need an Import Permit and a Letter of Authority from South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). For re-export purpose, customer can import any make and model.


Your vehicle will be delivered by means of RORO or Container Shipment Method. We take additional care to secure our shipments to maintain a strategic distance from any harms not at all like different exporters.

Important Documents

  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Documentary evidence of shipment and delivery of the vehicle
  • Registration Certificate
  • Import Permit
  • Letter of Authority

Road Inspection Test

In South Africa, no inspection is necessary to import used Japanese vehicle

Custom Requirement at South Africa

  • Custom duty rates

    By the value of the vehicle Custom duty rates are determined. 30% of car's value is standard customs duty on vehicles in South Africa.

  • Ad Valorem

    Customs duty is 20% ad valorem, for vehicles older than 20 years.

  • Value Added Tax

    14% of Value added tax.

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