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Car Hub Japan’s years of experience, sound insights, and valuable expertise ensures the most seamless and trouble-free car delivery solutions to customers. Once you have purchased your Japanese used car, we’ll get it delivered to the major port of your country in the least possible time. Since offer shipment services to customers across the globe, our high-quality shipping services can be availed regardless in whichever part of work you reside in.

Moreover, we have knowledgeable customer service agents to advise you regarding the rules, efficient shipment procedures, the prices, and carriers. Car Hub Japan understands how important it is to have clear communication, especially while shipping high-value cars. Thereby, we’ll stay by your side till your car is delivered to your port safely, and keep you updated with the shipment status as your vehicle is in transit.

Ports in South Africa

shipping methods

Car Hub Japan ensures the safety of each and every car ordered by our valued customers. For this, we use two shipping methods:

Services Offered In South Africa

The delivery procedures practiced at Car Hub Japan are devised in a way that your purchased vehicles get securely delivered to the major ports of your country. When we particularly talk about South Africa, the CIF City Delivery price includes Insurance, Freight Port Service Charges, Cost of 4wd, Custom Lodgement Rates, MPI Assessments and Delivery for the client.

With our bidding experts, you can rest assured of winning the bids on your most sought-after cars. Once the acquired car has reached and stationed at client’s port, it needs to undergo different inspections and state regulations. There are numerous policies to consider, varying from region to region, including the one under discussion. A few of the rules include pointers associated with year of manufacturing, registration and right-hand drives. Lastly, the vehicle's assessment also needs to be carried out prior to its delivery to the buyer.

Ports of South Africa

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