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Import Regulations for Used Cars from Japan to Sri Lanka

  • Inspection
    JAAI inspection is mandatory
  • Age Limit
    Maximum 3 years for cars. Maximum 4 years for vans and dual purpose cars.
  • Steering Type
    Right Hand Drive (RHD) Only

Important Documents:

  • Original Bill Of Lading (BOL)
  • Owner's passport
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Transport Ministry Approval
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Original Registration Certificate (English)
  • Import License
  • Value Declaration Form
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection Certification
  • Export Certificate

Additional Documents for used vehicle import:

  • Laminated Copy of Export Certificate (English)

Custom Requirements At Sri Lanka

  • Following are the custom requirements to import a Japanese used vehicle in Sri Lanka:

    Import Taxes rates

    Duties: 5-35%

    Motor vehicle: 25%

    Port and Airport levy (PAL) – Generally 5% or at times 0% to 2.5% of the CIF value

    Ad valorem rates – 1% to 45% of the CIF value

    Nation Building Tax – 2% of the sum of CIF value, multiplied by 110%, custom duty, excise duty and PAL

    VAT: 15% of CIF

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