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Car Hub Japan City Delivery and Custom Clearance

Thanks to Car Hub Japan’s special services for the clients/customers in Uganda, you can get your vehicle(s) delivered to your doorstep and/or on the port without facing the hassles that rise into customs and clearance. For this, we have two types of Compliance Package and Custom Package:

Packages Details


Complete Package for Clearance & Delivery

With this complete clearance and delivery package, the customers will get both, custom clearance service as well as the vehicle(s) will be delivered to one of the following cities:
Malaba, Jinja / Tororo and Kampala.

Vehicle Delivery Duration:

7 - 10 days


In the basic clearance package, our customers will get vehicles custom cleared from the port of Mombasa.

Vehicle Delivery Duration:

3 to 4 Days (Estimated)

Estimated Clearing Fee + Delivery Charges From Mombasa Port (Total)

Destination Vehicle Types / Weights(kg)
Country City/Border Sedan
0 - 1,499kg
Small SUV
1,500 - 1,999kg
Large SUV
2,000 - 4,999kg
5,000 - 9,999kg
Over 10,000kg
Uganda Kampala $ 775 $ 870 $ 1,390 $ 2,410 $ 3,665
Kenya Malaba $ 640 $ 715 $ 1,215 $ 2,215 $ 3,365
Kenya Jinja / Tororo $ 740 $ 815 $ 1,315 $ 2,315 $ 3,465

All the charges mentioned are in USD.

The above charges include shipping line charges, driver fee, fuel, foreign permit and comprehensive insurance.

Any KRA penalty i.e. Port storage, Warehouse rent or removal charges are excluded from the above charges.

Charges for Kenya are inclusive of 16% Value Added Tax (VAT)

City Delivery Service For Customers In Uganda

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